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Enhance Your Agency’s Response to Sexual Assault: Linking Victims to Resources for Reporting and Recovery

Victim Link First Look
As a law enforcement official or victim advocate, you understand how challenging sexual assault response can be, but you may not know about groundbreaking technology that enhances your agency’s transparency and links victims to community resources for reporting and recovery.
During this on-demand webinar, explore how Victim Link:
  • Works hand-in-hand with Seek Then Speak, a victim-focused portal that empowers victims to gather information, explore options, and take action
  • Helps victims access advocacy services, which offer information, support, and assistance
  • Connects law enforcement to victims who are informed and ready to file a report
  • Collects information with carefully crafted interview questions
  • Helps agencies respond to national demand for more response transparency
  • Webinar is presented by: Joanne Archambault, EVAWI CEO and Founder; Kristina Rose, EVAWI Executive Director; Jerald Monahan, EVAWI's Law Enforcement Liaison; and Anthony Formhals, Voice CEO and President

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