Sexual Assault Resources: Domestic Violence Awareness Month at West Texas A&M

    Posted by Voice on Oct 16, 2019 1:30:00 PM

    The West Texas A&M police department provides information and links on their webpage to programs that offer resources that are searching for help such as Start By Believing, Victim Link and Seek Then Speak. Start by believing is a campaign that promotes public awareness of dedicating an end to the cycle of silence that can occur when a victim is afraid of reporting their abuser. 

    Seek The Speak is an anonymous program providing victims and survivors of sexual assault answers to potential questions and when they are ready to report, will inform them of their options. Users can choose to be anonymous when working the program but will have access to law enforcement or a victim advocate when they are ready to report. This program can be used over the phone, through the mobile app or on their website at

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