Gainesville Sun: More sexual assaults reported in Alachua County, Florida

    Posted by Voice on Nov 28, 2018 6:54:00 PM

    In regard to sexual battery, Sheriff’s Lt. Brett Rhodenizer said his agency has begun participating in the Seek Then Speak program, which encourages rape victims to get medical care and to report the incident to law enforcement.

    That program could have resulted in more people reporting cases, he said. The sheriff’s office worked 58 rapes this year and 42 last year.

    “Each one is significant to the survivors but the fact that we are seeing an increase in reports leads us to believe that outreach programs...allow us to create an environment where they can report and assist prosecution when they are ready,” Rhodenizer said. “It is a capstone to the approach we have been moving toward...for our victims and survivors to allow them to feel comfortable in reporting.”

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