What is ProText My School?

    Posted by Voice on Oct 17, 2018 2:40:00 PM

    ProText My School is a comprehensive system that unites patented, controlled conversational AI technology and machine learning for threat reporting with the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence’s (NCPCV) anti-bullying and anti-violence initiatives. It gives students, parents, staff, and concerned citizens an anonymous way to get information about bullying and possible threats directly to their local school officials via a school-specific number for text messaging, the web, or a mobile app.

    Unlike other technologies where information is passed one-way from a tipster into a system, ProText My School has a conversation with the user to listen and understand what’s happening. It provides immediate feedback, instructions, or asks more questions, if needed. It then assesses tips in real time, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

    ProText My School sends notifications directly to a multidisciplinary threat assessment response team at each school. These teams are called CARE Teams, which stands for Core Accountability Response and Evaluation.

    Each school or district that adopts ProText My School receives training from NCPCV to form these CARE teams, and is given support on how to do threat assessments, school safety site surveys, and respond to tips and concerns based on national best practices.

    Of course, no matter how thorough we are in encouraging students to only report real incidents, we anticipate that false reports may come in. That’s why NCPCV’s role in setting up CARE teams is so important. NCPCV will help each school create its own protocols and strategies to respond to these reports, especially those that are critical or crisis in nature.

    This relationship with NCPCV is a critical differentiator between ProText My School and other technologies. Each school that adopts ProText My School can be part of NCPCV’s national GreenZone program, which is a tangible, measurable way to identify behavior, promote positive interactions, and create an overall violence-free and positive school climate.

    GreenZone outlines three categories or “zones” of behavior (green, yellow, and red) ranging from acceptable to unacceptable, and encourages individuals of all ages to “stay in the GreenZone.” The zones provide an easy way to identify and discourage “yellow zone” and “red zone” behavior and promote kindness and civility overall.

    For times when students do not “stay in the GreenZone,” they can use ProText My School to alert school officials. These threats don’t just have to be on a school campus. Students are encouraged to share information about bullying or violence at home, in the community, and online or via social media.

    ProText My School is designed to give school officials, and when necessary, law enforcement such as school resource officers, unique, ground-level insight into what’s going on with their students both in and outside the classroom, as well as how they can help students communicate, share concerns, and encourage a violence-free environment. It is not meant to replace 911 for emergencies. Students and staff should use 911 if they are in immediate danger.

    NCPCV and Voice are working together to provide ProText My School for free to every certified K-12 school in the nation. To learn more, visit www.protextmyschool.org.

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