Ward, Arkansas – First Victim Link  Subscriber in Arkansas

    Posted by Voice on Sep 12, 2019 6:58:34 PM

    From EVAWI ...

    Earlier this year the city of Ward became the first Victim Link subscriber in Arkansas. This rural community of about 5,000 people, approximately 30 miles northeast of Little Rock, engaged in an impressive campaign to make their community aware of Seek Then Speak and Victim Link as an information resource and alternative reporting option for sexual assault victims. They’re hopeful their efforts will equip survivors with increased information about how to access counseling, medical forensic exams, and other support services, as well as how to report the crime if and when they are ready.  

    Reaching the Community with Social Media
    Ward PDThe Ward Police Department and the City of Ward, Arkansas both use Facebook to keep their constituents informed, and they’ve frequently highlighted Seek then Speak in their posts, to help eliminate barriers and empower survivors to explore their options for reporting a sexual assault.

    Spreading the Word for Survivors

    One Ward resident shared her feelings with a news station stating, “If it’s assault, it’s assault, and people need to feel comfortable coming out with it and getting the help they need and the justice they deserve.”

    Another community member said of sexual assault victims, “So many times they don’t have support. They aren’t believed and they are afraid to go forward because they will have to live this all over again.”

    Ward Schools Get Involved
    After learning about Seek then Speak, counselors throughout the Cabot School District in Ward requested Seek Then Speak posters for all elementary, middle, and high schools to reach students and their families. Posters are also prominently displayed at the police department, courthouse, and other city offices. By bringing Seek Then Speak and Victim Link to their community and promoting this resource extensively, the City of Ward has demonstrated its strong commitment to helping sexual assault victims.

    No-Cost Subscriptions Still Available
    Join the City of Ward, Arkansas in their efforts to support survivors with this alternative reporting option. Municipal agencies like the Ward Police Department are eligible to apply for a one-year, no-cost subscription to Victim Link, as are county, city, and campus law enforcement agencies, Title IX offices, and victim service organizations across the country. APPLY NOW!

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