Voice: The No-Code Conversational AI Solution for Enterprise

    Posted by Voice on Mar 1, 2019 4:25:00 PM

    Delivering consistent messaging for marketing, brand, and sales, together with customer support and outreach, is challenging. 

    Today, people use text messages, the web, chatbots, mobile apps, voice over the phone, smart speakers, and voice assistants to consume information and make purchases. Delivering your company's message to those devices has historically been time-consuming and in many cases required the use of a developer who has specialized skills for each medium.

    But communicating across all channels doesn't have to be that difficult. Our Voice platform makes it simple.

    With Voice, you don’t have to be a developer to build AI-powered controlled conversations for all platforms.

    Voice enables you to expand your services to include multilingual conversational engagements over devices like smart speakers and voice assistants, text messaging, on the web, through mobile apps, and voice on the phone.

    All in one platform — no coding required.

    It’s as easy as making a form

    If you’ve ever tinkered in automated conversation creation, you know it can be complicated, and if you want to build a conversation for multiple platforms, like Alexa and Cortana, you have to know the specifications for each platform to be successful.

    But with Voice, it’s literally as simple as building a form. You can build, recreate, and even scan in an existing form, and our platform will convert it into a conversation that can be delivered across multiple devices.

    You can even alter each conversation for each device. Want to say TKU in your text messages, but “thank you” via voice? These are simple conversation modifications anyone can do via Voice.

    Using Voice for Enterprise

    So if you’re running a business you might wonder how you can use Voice to reach more customers. Here is an example: Let’s say your company has a customer service line and you employ shifts of people to answer those questions either by phone, email, or chat. By using Voice, you can instantly automate that service using your agency’s expertise, and get additional conversational support from AI and machine learning in the Voice platform.

    But wait, isn’t that what a chatbot does?

    No. Not exactly.

    When most people think of automated conversations, they think chat bots or one-way telephone automations, like refilling a prescription.

    These technologies are just a back-and-forth passthrough of information. There is no “conversation” to understand what the user wants or needs.

    The Voice platform is more than talking to someone. It’s an automated, intelligent two-way conversation powered by your business’ needs and best practices, and enhanced with machine learning and AI. The technology also has the ability to add context to your conversations in real-time based on what’s been said.

    How does that work?

    Let’s say in this instance, you’re a company that sells event tickets. You can use Voice to deliver information about your events and in turn you can get all the information you need from your customer to complete a ticket transaction.

    But Voice does more. The platform can add current events, statuses, structure, context, and even AI data set returns to that conversation.

    For example, on the day of the event, is it going to be warm and sunny or cold and raining?

    Let’s say it’s going to be cold and raining. Voice can confirm the weather, and add it to the conversation.

    Now, let’s say you have great merchandise for those weather conditions. Voice can add that to the conversation, too, and let the user decide if he or she wants to expand the purchase to include your new offering.

    The customer called thinking they wanted event tickets, but ended the conversation with what they needed.

    And with Voice, it all happens instantly and without friction.

    The Voice platform enables two-way conversations through technology listens to what your users want, understands what they need, and then responds intelligently. Voice empowers you to deliver your services instantly, on any platform you choose. And Voice can be molded to meet the needs of your unique business processes and requirements.

    To learn more, download our Voice for Enterprise Information Sheet.

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