Voice for Government: A Vision for Tomorrow Using the Technology of Today

    Posted by Voice on Apr 15, 2019 10:22:00 AM

    Today, smart speaker purchases are the fastest growing U.S. consumer technology segment. And, according to a report from Adobe, 71 percent of smart speaker owners say they use them at least daily.

    More than half of all U.S. adults are using Voice engagements, and it’s anticipated that by 2020, Voice shopping will account for about $40 billion of U.S. consumer spending.

    People are searching the web with voice, shopping by voice, cueing up music and podcasts with voice, scheduling events with voice, making memos with voice, and replacing texting with voice interactions.

    However, most government agencies and organizations don’t use voice technologies for public service. Few, if any of these agencies are using the full scope of the technology their consumers use — text messaging, the web, chatbots, mobile apps, and voice over the phone or via smart speakers or voice assistants — to deliver services. 

    Why? Because traditionally, building engagements for these devices is time-consuming, requires developers with special skills, and there hasn’t been one platform available that delivers access to all.

    Voice technology changes everything. 

    You don’t have to be a developer to use Voice to build AI-powered controlled conversations for public service that can be instantly delivered to all devices.

    Voice enables you to expand your services to include multilingual conversational engagements over devices like smart speakers and voice assistants, text messaging, on the web, through mobile apps, and voice on the phone.

    Voice for Gov

    Not sure how you might use Voice for your agency or organization? Here’s an example: Let’s say your agency has a helpline that assists citizens by delivering information about your agency’s specific services.

    Right now, that’s likely provided during business hours by employees or a one-way phone interaction that delivers answers to a select number of specific questions, such as what are your hours of operation or where are you located?

    But with Voice, you can instantly automate and expand your service delivery, using your agency’s expertise, supported by AI and machine learning, and it can be delivered to your citizens any time, day or night, on any device you choose.

    As simple as creating a form

    And with Voice, delivering that service is as simple as creating a form. You can build, recreate, and even scan in an existing form, and our platform will convert it into a conversation that can be delivered across multiple devices.

    You can even alter each conversation for each device. Want to say TKU in your text messages, but “thank you” via voice? These are simple conversation modifications anyone can do via Voice.

    Voice is more than talking to someone. It’s having an automated, intelligent two-way conversation that listens to what people want and understands what they need. And the Voice platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure Gov Cloud for government security and compliance.

    This is just a small sampling how the Voice platform can be leveraged to improve and expedite government outreach and service delivery. By the end of the year, more than half of all U.S. adults will use voice engagements for service. Don’t miss your chance to serve more citizens and meet your mission and objectives.

    For more details, download our Voice for Government Information Sheet.

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