Ten8Tech rebrands to Voice

    Posted by Voice on Jun 19, 2018 1:04:16 PM

    When Anthony Formhals, company president and CEO, co-founded Ten8Tech in 2012, its primary focus was creating communications platforms for public service. Formhals, a former law enforcement officer and U.S. Navy veteran, selected the name Ten8Tech because it reflected the officer code, 10-8, meaning ready for service.

    While the company will continue to focus on its core product lines Victim Link, Case Service, and ProText My School — all which are powered by automated, intelligent public service communication — the company’s new name reflects an extended outreach to make its patented Communication Fabric technology, Dialogue Framework, more available in commercial and personal-use markets.

    “While Voice represents Dialogue Framework’s ability to automate omni-channel multilingual communications, it’s more than just the technology,” Formhals said. “We see an opportunity to use Dialogue Framework to enable companies of all sizes, from your neighborhood cleaning service to the big box retailers of the world, to use their brand voice through all of their communications with the public.”

    The name also reflects the company’s drive to give a voice to all people who need service.

    “As a former law enforcement officer who spent a lot of time responding to and writing reports for non-emergency events like stolen wallets or fender-benders, I know how frustrating it can be for citizens to wait to get help. That’s why our first product was Case Service,” Formhals said.

    Case Service enables citizens to file non-emergency police reports wherever they are by using multilingual voice over the telephone, text message, the web, or a mobile app. It empowers citizens to seek help when they need it, however is most convenient for them. It also frees up law enforcement so they can focus on tasks that need more immediate attention.

    After launching Case Service, the company partnered with End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) to create Victim Link and Seek Then Speak. Seek Then Speak is a victim-focused resource that enables sexual assault victims to gather information, explore their options, and connect with community-based victim advocacy resources and/or begin the process of filing a report with local law enforcement. Victim Link makes the connection from the victim to victim advocacy, law enforcement, or college Title IX administrators.

    >Most recently, the company entered into a new partnership with the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence (NCPCV) to make its ProText My School technology an extension of NCPCV’s GreenZone to help K-12 students understand how to communicate civilly, behave appropriately, and then reach out for help when they witness or experience bullying or have insight into possible threats or violence on campus.

    “These technologies are about giving a voice to victims,” Formhals said. “We empower them to reach out, request service, and then we connect them directly to their local resources. Rebranding as Voice represents our commitment to giving public service this voice, both for the brands we enable and the citizens they serve.”