Supporting Sexual Assault Victims with Secure Microsoft Cloud Technology

    Posted by Voice on Oct 20, 2017 9:45:15 AM
    The impact of sexual assault is severe and long-lasting, yet most victims do not access services or report to law enforcement. Ten8Tech has partnered with End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) to create a technology solution, powered by Microsoft’s secure cloud-computing services, that closes gaps in service delivery and promote justice and healing.

    Seek Then Speak and Victim Link
    With a victim-focused site called Seek Then Speak, and an agency portal known as Victim Link, this innovative program provides sexual assault survivors and their support people a way to interact directly with a multilingual platform to gather information, explore options, and take action. They can even begin the process of reporting the crime directly to law enforcement and requesting supportive services within the community, on college campuses, and in the military. 

    How Does It Work?
    First, the victim or support person connects with Seek Then Speak, by visiting the website, downloading the mobile app, or calling on a telephone. Through written text or voice, information is provided about sexual assault, as well as various options for reporting and community services. This dialogue is available in many languages, which helps increase access for non-English speaking victims.

    Gradual and Supportive Dialogue
    Yet the information is not provided in a “one-size-fits-all” format. Rather, victims and their support people are guided through an interactive dialogue to choose what information they receive. As part of this dialogue, victims are asked if they would like to request advocacy services or initiate the process of reporting to law enforcement. Options are also available for reporting within the U.S. military or on a college campus. This is when the dialogue shifts from “Seek” to “Speak.” If the victim says “no,” they are provided with some final information and encouraged to come back or otherwise seek help.

    Link to Resources
    If they say “yes,” however, they are connected directly with the community resource, where they can either request advocacy services or initiate the process of reporting to law enforcement. Even then, victims remain in the “driver’s seat.” They can share as much, or as little information as they choose. All information is stored with advanced encryption that meets standards for top-secret level security.

    Security is our Priority
    We utilize Microsoft Azure, a government-trusted cloud service that meets the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) policies put in place by the FBI. This service is an isolated, private-cloud system subject to the greatest security measures offered to protect information provided by sexual assault victims. This means they can rest assured knowing any information they provide is safe, as they explore the resources available and determine their next course of action.

    We will continue to work utilizing Microsoft cloud solutions to ensure privacy and safety of our users.

    To learn more about how Microsoft Azure helps to improve public safety, click here. To learn more about how Victim Link and Seek Then Speak assist sexual assault victims, click here.

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