Technologies to be showcased at NC State of Technology conference May 4

    Posted by Ten8Tech on Apr 25, 2018 9:05:38 AM

    Ten8Tech is one of six startups selected to speak in front of more than 500 business and technology leaders at NC Tech Association’s 2018 State of Technology Conference on May 4 in Durham.

    The conference will feature keynote speaker, Martin Fleming, Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Economist from IBMl, and Tech Talks by Robbie Allen, CEO of Infinia ML; Richard Boyd, CEO of; and Brian Hamilton, Chairman and Co-Founder of Sageworks.

    The theme of this year’s conference is Artificial Intelligence.

    Ten8Tech and five other startups will do short, six-minute pitches or demos to explain their technology.

    Anthony Formhals, Ten8Tech’s CEO and President, will explore the company’s patented Dialogue Framework technology, and how that technology has been used to create intelligent, automated communications platforms to address public service and societal issues by giving the public easy access to resources through a multilingual platform via voice over the telephone, text messages, the web, or mobile apps.

    Formhals will highlight Ten8Tech’s first technology solution, Case Service, which is innovative cloud-based technology that cuts non-emergency response times to zero by enabling citizens to file non-emergency reports via voice over the phone, text message, mobile apps, or the web. The idea for Case Service came from Formhals’ experiences after serving for more than eight years as a police officer in Chula Vista, California, and for more than five years in the U.S. Navy.

    Shortly after creating Case Service, Formhals was approached by a representative of End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI), America’s leading nonprofit dedicated to improving criminal justice response to sexual assault, and was asked if his technology could be used to help sexual assault victims.

    Through a unique partnership, Ten8Tech and EVAWI created Seek Then Speak, which enables sexual assault victims to gather information, explore options, and then connect to resources and reporting options via the phone, mobile app, or the web. If a victim is ready to make contact with victim advocacy and/or law enforcement, Victim Link enables it by allowing the victim to document the request for contact with victim advocacy or for law enforcement agencies to report the sexual assault or rape. Victim Link then and sends customized alerts to the appropriate agency, letting them know a victim is requesting help.

    EVAWI recently received a $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime to make one-year, no-cost Victim Link subscriptions available to eligible law enforcement agencies, college campuses, and victim advocacy organizations. Within just a few months, about 60 agencies have been approved for this funding and are rapidly activating their accounts. There is funding for another 140 agencies that will be activated in the next 180 days.

    Most recently, Ten8Tech has partnered with the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence, to raise more than $3 million to make its newest technology, ProText My School, available for free to all certified K-12 schools in the nation. ProText My School is a unique “text-in, evaluate, and respond” system that allows students, staff, and parents to safely and anonymously report school safety concerns to school officials.

    Unlike traditional text-to-tip technology, which is a one-way pass-through of information, ProText My School’s intelligent platform engages the tipster in a conversation about what’s happening. It provides immediate feedback, directions, or asks additional questions, if needed. The technology then assesses the information in real time, and sends alerts to designated response teams, like school officials or law enforcement.

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