More than 200 law enforcement and victim services representatives sign up for Victim Link webinar

    Posted by Voice on Jul 8, 2019 1:39:46 PM

    More than 200 law enforcement and victim services representatives, including campus Title IX officials, signed up to join Voice and End Violence Against Women International for a special webinar about Seek Then Speak and Victim Link as resources for sexual assault and rape reporting.

    VictimLinkWebinarScreenThe webinar explained how Victim Link is groundbreaking technology that links law enforcement agencies, colleges and universities, and victim services agencies with sexual assault survivors seeking help and support.

    Miss the webinar? No worries! You can watch it on demand right now.

    Victim Link works in partnership with, a national, multilingual platform that enables sexual assault survivors to gather information, explore options, and take action. The content was developed with guidance and expertise from End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI).

    First, a survivor connects with Seek Then Speak however they are most comfortable – by voice over the phone, via the web, or by using a mobile app. The system then guides the survivor through a gradual, supportive dialogue that explains what happened and overviews important terminology, for example, the differences between sexual abuse and rape. This is the “Seek” phase.

    After gathering info and exploring options, the victim can then choose to connect with a local rape crisis center or law enforcement. If the victim chooses not to do either, the Seek process ends, however, the person can return to at any time.

    For victims who want to connect or “Speak,” they can choose to either report to law enforcement and/or connect to victim advocacy services. At this stage, the victim will be given the opportunity to submit information, for example a name and contact number; they can provide as much or as little information as they choose.

    After providing information, Victim Link sends an alert to the appropriate responding agency, letting the agency know someone has requested a connection. The agency then logs into its portal on Victim Link, reviews the report, marks it received, and begins its own internal processes for connecting with the survivor.

    If you missed the live webinar, you're in luck. We have an on-demand recording you can watch at any time.

    And for a limited time, we have a few federally supported grants available to help eligible law enforcement agencies, rape crisis centers, and college Title IX agencies bring Seek Then Speak to their communities at no cost. To learn more about the grant and apply right now, visit


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