Help give schools free access to ProText My School so students can send tips directly to their school officials for response and resolution

    Posted by Voice on May 23, 2018 3:22:40 PM

    What if skipping just one meal out this week could make an impact on an entire school? Would you consider it?

    And not just an impact for one day, one week, or one month.

    What if we told you that for just $12 you can help improve school climate and enhance campus safety for an entire year? Would you do it?

    You can, and it’s easy to do. 

    Learn How You Can Help

    Ten8Tech has partnered with the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence (NCPCV), with a goal to raise funding through an exclusive sponsorship and grassroots CrowdRise campaign to provide ProText My School technology for free to every certified K-12 school in the nation.

    ProText My School gives students an anonymous way to get information about bullying and possible threats directly to their school resources.

    Unlike traditional text-to-tip technology, ProText My School engages users in an automated conversation about what’s happening. The system’s intelligent, conversational engine uses AI and machine learning to collect critical information via a school-specific number for text messaging or a national web platform. Students, parents, and staff can anonymously share tips and information about bullying and threats. ProText My School evaluates the information, and then provides immediate feedback, instructions, or further questions as needed.

    Once information comes into the system and is evaluated, it is sent to a designated multidisciplinary school response team, called a CARE (Core Accountability Response and Evaluation) Team. It is not meant to replace 911 for emergencies. Instead, it’s designed to give school officials more insight into what’s happening on campus so they can help students better communicate and promote a violence-free environment.

    Each school’s CARE Team can consist of school administration, teachers, counselors, other key staff, and community resources like school resource officers.

    Here are other ways you can help:

    • For $5, you can cover the expense of five month’s worth of a school’s unique text-to-tip phone number.

    • For $25, you can cover the expense of Microsoft cloud-hosting of the ProText My School technology for a
       school for three months.

    • For $100, you can cover the expense of Microsoft cloud-hosting of the ProText My School technology for
       a school for an entire year.

    For $250, you can cover the expenses of two schools’ unique text-to-tip phone numbers and Microsoft
       cloud-hosting of the ProText My School system for two schools for two years.

    Please don’t delay. Join us now and help us make this goal a reality. Let’s use NCPCV’s programs and training, enhanced by ProText My School technology, to improve school climate, enhance campus safety, and interrupt the process of violence before it becomes an event.

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