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    Posted by Voice on Feb 28, 2019 10:40:11 AM

    Sexual assault happens often, in many ways, and in many scenarios. That’s what Ward, Arkansas, resident Noah Jennings told Fox 16 News during a news story about Seek Then Speak being available now to help sexual assault survivors in Ward.

    You can watch the full segment here:

    Fox16 is one of many news outlets across the country that has featured Seek Then Speak in public awareness campaigns from local agencies who have adopted the technology and have become Victim Link agencies through special grant funding supported by the Office for Victims of Crime and End Violence Against Women International.

    Ward is a small community of about 5,000 residents. Several news agencies that cover the community picked up the story including KATV Channel 7 and KARK Channel 4.

    Victim Link subscribing agencies of all sizes in communities both large and small across the nation have resources and support to build their own publicity campaigns using tools provided in the Victim Link agency portal. The portal includes sample press releases, sample social media posts, sample radio and television PSAs, print materials, posters, and a comprehensive guide to building publicity campaigns for free, as well as advertising and other suggestions.

    The Denver Police Department successfully used these materials to launch its community-wide awareness campaign. Denver is home to more than 700,000 residents. To get the word out, Denver PD used the sample press release as a guide and connected with local media.

    Here is an example of news coverage from Channel 9 in Denver: 

    Denver PDDenver PD also teamed up with an advertising firm to place Seek Then Speak posters at 50 bus shelters throughout its county. More than 7-feet tall in some locations, the posters are visible to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. They provide information about Seek Then Speak, including the website and phone number, reminding citizens there is a way to get help after a sexual assault.

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    If you are a law enforcement agency, rape crisis center, or college police or Title IX office, you may be eligible for a one-year no cost subscription to Victim Link, which will enable you to bring Seek Then Speak, complete with all of its resources, to your community. For more information, visit

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