Case Service Securely Streamlines Non-Emergency Reporting so Law Enforcement Can Focus on More-Pressing Community Needs

    Posted by Voice on Nov 28, 2017 3:35:04 PM

    In a data driven, technology-based world, securing sensitive information is more important than ever — especially for law enforcement agencies moving toward modern cloud technologies to streamline their processes.

    Meet Case Service

    Powered by Microsoft’s secure cloud-computing services, we developed Case Service, innovative, cloud-based technology that cuts non-emergency response times to zero. Case Service streamlines non-emergency reporting and increases agency efficiencies. As a result, law enforcement agencies can better focus on more pressing community needs.

    Did you know that about 40 percent of all calls that come into public safety call centers are for non-emergency issues? Because emergency and more-pressing incidents are handled first, citizens with non-emergency calls can wait anywhere from three to 36 hours to get service. This makes citizens unhappy and leaves law enforcement agencies struggling to meet all of the demands.

    Case Service’s automated technology enables quick and efficient responses meet these citizen needs. First, calls come into call centers like normal. Agency call-takers triage the call. If the call is deemed “non-emergency,” it can be transferred to Case Service.

    Case Service provides automated citizen reporting through the entire process: investigation, follow-up, notifications, and final records export. Citizens complete the report with voice over the phone, via the web, mobile app, or text — whichever is most convenient.

    Your citizens can rest assured the case is handled with complete data privacy through the highest security measures in modern cloud technology.

    Security is Our Priority

    Case Service is on the move, from Microsoft Azure to utilize Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, the only hyper-secure cloud platform trusted by more than 7,000 federal, state, and local agencies that serve nearly 6 million users. This service meets the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) policies put in place by the FBI and is the first to be granted Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization by the Department of Defense.

    This protected, private-cloud system is subjected to the greatest security tests offered on today’s market to protect users’ information and your department. In addition, Microsoft is constantly improving this service to ensure data security by monitoring threats through the analysis of trillions of data points it receives from granted endpoints, consumer services, commercial services, and on-premises technologies.

    Efficiency Means Safety

    According to San Francisco’s 9-1-1 Call Volume and Response Scorecard, its police department experienced a 77 percent increase in calls and a 17 percent increase in response times from 2008 to 2017. The data about San Francisco PD is not uncommon. Though this agency is not yet using Case Service, this is why we built it — to help augment agency response to the increase in the demand for police service. By filtering calls by priority, law enforcement agencies can manage responses more efficiently, resulting in a 20 percent increase in patrol capacity.

    By connecting callers securely through Microsoft cloud security with an efficient reporting solution, we make cities safer — so law enforcement can focus resources on more efficiently protecting and serving their communities.

    To learn more about how Microsoft Azure Government keeps data secure, click here. To learn more about how Case Service can help your agency, click here.

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