Become our national sponsor and help students report bullying and threats of violence with ProText My School

    Posted by Voice on Jun 21, 2018 1:58:35 PM

    Voice and the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence (NCPCV) have partnered to provide programs, training, and technology for all K-12 schools for free. ProText My School technology, paired with the Green Zone anti-violence framework, gives school officials insight into what's happening on campus so they can help students better communicate and promote a violence-free environment.

Why is this different from other programs and technology available?

    Unlike other technologies that are stored in a national clearing house, this comprehensive system includes training and implementation support for research-based programs paired with technology that is connected directly to each school's multidisciplinary response CARE Team to improve school climate and help interrupt the process of violence.

    What is GreenZone?
    • Provides expectations on how people speak and relate to one another
     Outlines three zones of behavior (green, yellow, and red) ranging from acceptable to unacceptable
     An easy way to identify and discourage yellow zone and red zone behavior
     Programs are tailored to elementary students, middle and high school students, relationships, and parents
     Provides guidelines for students to self regulate behaviors and supplies resources through ProText My
     School to seek help when they cannot

    What is ProText My School?
     Gives students an anonymous way to get information about bullying and possible threats directly to their school resources via a school-specific number for text messaging or a national web platform
    Unlike traditional text-to-tip technology, engages users in an automated conversation about what's happening
    Intelligent, conversational engine uses AI and machine learning to collect information
    Students, parents, and staff can anonymously share tips and information about bullying and threats
    Provides immediate feedback, instructions, or further questions as needed
    Sends information to a designated multidisciplinary school response team, called a CARE Team (Core Accountability Response and Evaluation Team)
    Gives school officials insight into what's happening on campus so they can help students better communicate and promote a violence-free environment

    You can help!
    Become the National Corporate Sponsor for ProText My School! Your sponsorship will enable GreenZone programs and training with ProText My School technology for every certified K-12 school in the nation at no cost to them. Let your company be nationally recognized as a champion for improving school climate and enhancing campus safety response.

    For more information, check out our sponsorship presentation

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