A safer world with faster and more effective communication

In 2012, Anthony Formhals saw a distinct opportunity. As a law enforcement officer in the San Diego area, Formhals was regularly finding ways to get to the core of an issue and be more efficient. He had recently left the U.S. Navy, where technology’s sophistication paralleled the latest in science fiction. He questioned why the local law enforcement was so far behind the tech curve. Formhals set his sight on a better way to communicate, and has been full throttle ever since. Read More

He partnered with Eric Geerdes, another former officer with technology and operations skills. They were uniquely positioned: both had expertise in law enforcement and a keen understanding of the diminishing resources faced by those who protect and serve. The company would offer citizens a communication tool to simplify crime reporting, and develop the patented core technology platform that would free officers from spending precious time on non-urgent reports. They called it Case Service.

As Case Service evolved, the scope widened, the technology took-off and the team grew. They found John Ackerman, someone whose technology expertise facilitated a unique and vital approach to eliminate wait time – someone so skilled that even his work with NASA was too limiting..

Together, the three combined their knowledge with their passion, and developed a patented framework to make officers more efficient, violent crimes reported more frequently, and put deterrents in the hands of students and staff without fear of retribution. Dialogue Framework enables intelligent systems that host two-way dialogue, simplifying complexities and expediting communications. Which, in turn, will lead to a safer world and greater efficiencies for the public. Which, in turn, will lead to a safer world and greater efficiencies for the public.

Anthony Formhals

President, CEO and Cofounder

Anthony Formhals is CEO and President of Voice, a Wilmington, NC-based software development company that facilitates communication between law enforcement and the citizens they serve. He co-founded the company after serving as a police officer in Chula Vista, California, for more than eight years, and five years in the U.S. Navy. These experiences alerted him to the need for better technology to help law enforcement work more efficiently. As a result, Voice has created patented, cloud-based software that allows the public to report certain crimes using voice, a computer, or smartphone. This technology increases ease and efficiency for citizens and allows law enforcement to reserve in-person reporting for critical needs.

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Formhals serves as corporate visionary, as well as the operational/financial principal. Under his leadership, the company has developed and released Case Service, a police-citizen communication reporting platform; Victim Link, developed in partnership with End Violence Against Women International, to connect sexual assault victims to resources, advocacy, and law enforcement; and ProText My School, which allows K-12 school staff to receive real-time tips from students about security issues.

As an officer with the Chula Vista Police Department, Mr. Formhals frequently demonstrated his ability to recognize issues and implement effective solutions. While in the United States Navy, he was stationed in San Diego as an air traffic controller. He was deployed four times in support of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Iraqi Freedom Part II, and RIMPAC 2004. He established C2pC networks onboard multiple LHD-class ships and facilitated the utilization of a Strategic Plot in air planning and operations.

Mr. Formhals has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. He also studied at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, graduating second in his class, and was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Eric Geerdes

COO and Cofounder

As Chief Operating Officer, Eric Geerdes is responsible for strategic planning, industry-specific innovation, and the alignment of behaviors with organizational design and talent development. He is a skilled professional in multiple disciplines with an extensive background in public safety and technology development. He has gained valuable experience working with victims of crime while serving in roles inside and outside of law enforcement.

Eric cofounded the company after spending more than 19 years in law enforcement in Escondido and San Diego County, California. Prior to August 2016, he served with InterVarsity-USA, TriTech Software Systems, and Aspen Technology. He holds a BS in cognitive science from the University of California, San Diego, and has professional training and certifications in many areas including cognitive psychology, critical incident stress management and many areas of law enforcement.

John Ackerman


John Ackerman, CTO, is responsible for the planning and implementation of the underlying architecture of the Voice product suite, overseeing software developers to ensure high-quality products. A software craftsman, he draws on his history in application development, software engineering, and even rocket science to assure effective systems. In 2013, John co-founded The Monastery, a technology development firm that has developed custom software ranging from fitness to medical imaging and pharmacy services. Previous positions included software and applications development and engineering with Fish & Richardson, Northcentral University, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he worked on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity project. He has a BS in computer science and space physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and is a popular speaker on topics such as modernization of web design and development.

Mandy Miller

Director of Client Engagement

As Voice's director of client engagement, Mandy Miller oversees all activities that support key partnerships and the marketing thereof. Her professional focus has been to develop strong relationships at every touch-point throughout the customer’s interaction with the company.

She joined Voice after spending two years with beverage app company Next Glass, and their beer app Untappd. She helped launch the company while developing and overseeing strategies to ensure market success. Mandy began directing social media, progressed to client success manager and ultimately manager of customer engagement.

Prior to joining Next Glass, Mandy spent six years in various marketing roles at PR, marketing and digital media firms. Throughout this time she became very involved in a series of non-profit organizations. She currently sits on the Board of Young Professionals for Communities in Schools of North Carolina, volunteers for the Good Shepherd Center, and spent two years working with children at Ronald McDonald House in Providence, Rhode Island.

Mandy received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the University of South Florida. She, her husband and super-cute puppy live in Wilmington, NC, where you’ll often find all three exploring the waterways.